How To Get The Perfect Red Lips This Velantine's

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How To Get The Perfect Red Lips This Velantine's


       You’ve seen all the stars wear it, from Gwen Stefani to Katy Perry and Angelina Jolie. We’re talking about the perfect red lip that doesn’t fade and looks perfectly polished. When applying such a bold color, it’s very easy to make mistakes.


Many women wonder if they can pull off red lipstick. What if I look like a clown? What if it gets on my teeth? The truth is, a great red lip is easy to pull off with the right tools.


Exfoliate lips. Run a clean toothbrush under warm water. Gently rub on lips, getting all areas. Make sure you skip this step if your lips are sensitive or intolerant.



      Apply chapstick. This is a very important step to make sure that the lipstick stays in place and that you have a smoother surface to glide on. It will also keep lips soft which avoids the “crusty” look. Put on a thin layer and rub in.


     Apply lipliner. Do this step before applying lipstick so it has a closed off area. Trace just inside the natural lining of your lips.





      Apply lipstick. This is the most important part and it’s very important that you apply correctly. This is where the lipstick applier (looks like a brush) comes in. You don’t have to use it, but it helps you stay inside the line from the lip liner. If so, apply in a thin layer but enough to where there’s no “nude” areas. If you’re going to just use the stick of lipstick, apply in a thin layer. Make sure to get the inner corners. It’s easy to see the inner corners of your mouth when you talk and nothing looks worse than having bold red lips and having white corners. Blot, and then apply a second layer to ensure that color stays for a long period of time.

If desired, apply clear gloss. This gives a shiny appearance. If you want a matte look, skip this step.


     Apply a thin line of white or beige eyeshadow around where you applied lipliner. Using the small eyeshadow brush, get a little bit of the white or beige loose eyeshadow (use white if Caucasian, beige if darker skinned). Put a THIN layer around your lipliner and blend. This helps prevent feathering and creates a highlight and draws attention to your mouth.


     Another way is to choose a lip liner, close to the shade of your lips. Outline the edges, then use soft strokes to fill in the gap. Dab with a sponge.


     Paint the perimeter of your lips with concealer so the color won’t bleed. A transparent gloss will brighten, and to thin out the color, apply a waxy lip balm. To make lips look plump and full, apply shimmery gloss to the middle of your bottom lip. Smooch-ready!   By Fashion style mag

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