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Top 23 Best Perfumes & Colognes Every Men Should Try

Posted by Sameer 2015-11-25 13 Comment(s) International Fashion,

Top 23 Best Perfumes & Colognes Every Men Should Try


Every man is unique, and his preferences are unique too. Also, you can’t smell the same in all occasions. For example, The scent you wear for a cocktail party should expose your romantic side up, and the scent you wear for a board meeting should make a real statement about you. To sound complete, every man should have at least three different colognes/perfumes in his wardrobe.

Go check out the list of best perfumes for men just ahead. Since we prepared this list based on the experts suggestions and customer reviews, everyone is going to find something for themselves. So what are you waiting for? Choose the scents that suit your personality and play to your strengths. Nail the occasion no matter what it is.


1 Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

Ever since Acqua Di GIO was first launched in the market, it has become one of the most popular and best-selling perfumes for men in the USA. Its light masculine scent is neither sharp nor spicy. But it is more confident and comfortable. Not to mention, with Acqua Di Gio, the scent you are going boast around is something that is familiar and authentic to all noses.Use this best cologne for the relaxed environments. Maybe for a cup of coffee or for a boardwalk.

Style : Casual

Season : Year Around




2 Bleu De Chanel

This traditional woody aromatic fragrance has a hint of some exotic ingredients. Women may not aware what it is, but they’d get an instinct to stay closer to it. If you are searching for something that instantly transform you more seductive but not too overpowering, Bleu De Chanel cologne is the one that should not be missed out. Although it is not geared toward any particular age group, Bleu De Chanel is considered as the best smelling cologne for young men since its launch. As an added plus, this cologne offers good lasting power & a silage.

Style : Casual, Suit And Tie Environment, Romantic

Season: Vintage Till Fall

Whenever you invest in some Gucci label, you always know, you are investing in something special. Gucci Guilty Black is not an exception too. This cologne is designed especially for men who love risk taking and not afraid of living their life on edges. This special edition is designed to serve as a companion to the most popular female edition of guilty (2010). Gucci says this cologne will drive you to “Indulge into your deepest Desires”. That speaks volumes!

Style: Sensual, Brave, Magnificent

Seasons: Year Around


3 Gucci Guilty Black

Whenever you invest in some Gucci label, you always know, you are investing in something special. Gucci Guilty Black is not an exception too. This cologne is designed especially for men who love risk taking and not afraid of living their life on edges. This special edition is designed to serve as a companion to the most popular female edition of guilty (2010). Gucci says this cologne will drive you to “Indulge into your deepest Desires”. That speaks volumes!

Style: Sensual, Brave, Magnificent

Seasons: Year Around






4 Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace

I would call this new modified version of Versace Man as summer in the bottle. It is fresher, little spicy and more aquatic. Its complex, mysterious scents bring you smile, keep you confident and turns head. This Versace cologne for men good to go with a casual shirt or any shirt, white or ice colors. Buy it confidently, you would admit it as the most seductive perfume you have every smelled.

Style: Sensual, Aquatic

Season: Summer




5. 1 Million By Paco Rabanne

The perfume “1 Million for men” comes in an aptly designed package resembling a gold bar. As this cologne is developed to be an attention grabber, wearing this fragrance is like having a referee with a whistle! So if you are a man who always want to get notified, it is the only perfume you will ever need. The scent of “1 Million” is magnetic, mysterious and outrageously sexy – qualities that make it as the best cologne for men even among the women. This tantalizing fragrance is not an ideal choice for formal environments.

Style: Sensual, Romantic

Season: Winter, Fall.


6 Artisan by John Varvatos

You can find only a few fragrances as uniquely captivating as Artisan from John Varvatos. This cologne perfectly suits the men who prefer a truly unique scent with more natural musk. This seductive scent can drive women wild and keep them purring. It is good to not to wear it to the workplaces.

Season: Vintage

Style: Sensual, Unique







7 Guess Seductive Men EDT Spray

Guess Seductive has the “S” word tied to its name for a reason. It is one of the best colognes for young men that matches the high school and college crew. Wear this perfume only if you are confident enough to boast a sexy scent around. Though it seems overwhelmingly sweet, when it comes to longevity it lacks a little behind. It is more than perfect to wear it on your date night. Put on this cologne and look into her eyes, you will see your masculinity increased a solid 20 points up.

Style: Sensual

Season: Special occasions all round the year


8 Liz Claiborne – Curve

Curve for Men has got something that women love. Although it smells slight synthetic, it still holds a permanent place in every men’s top shelf. The reason? It is a compliment grabber (especially from women). It is the top most complimented cologne I have ever used even beating “Polo Blue and CH Men” till this day. Women who sniff this scent says, it reminds them of their high school boyfriend because the smell it exudes, feel so fresh in every new day. If someone ask me to throw a suggestion on the best smelling cologne for men, Curve will be the first name that will come to my mind. The best part? You don’t need to spoil yourself to get this bottle. It is inexpensive, non offensive, simple yet effective.

Style: Casual

Season: Year Around



9 Michale Kors For Men

If you think the brand Michel Kors is more into women, you have gone wrong here. Testers claim this scent as “expensive, heavenly, light and clean”. It has a nice longevity and projection. Though Michael Kors for men smells like the elder brother of “Givenchy Very Irresistible for Men, 2005”, even the old perfumeries struggle to let go of it. Its floral fragrance is a bit too heavy but certainly not so offensive. Most of the readers describe this sensual scent as the “the perfume to beat”.

Style: Sensual

Season: Fall, Winter





10 Hugo Boss – Boss no 6

“Boss No.6” from Hugo Boss combines the scent of outdoors with the scent of “musk, patchouli and green pair.” Although Hugo Boss have many best perfumes for men in their collection, Boss no 6 out stands all the rest. Men enjoy this scent and women love it when they wear. It is ideal for a special hang out with your partner or perhaps your first date. In my view, to feel like a Boss, every man should have at least one bottle of “Boss no 6” all the time in his wardrobe.

Style: Romantic, Casual

Season: Late Fall to End of Winter


11 Abercrombie & Fitch – Fierce

If making the first impression is what you are all after, go with Fierce. Woody notes are not everyone’s favorite. But this best woody cologne is a game changer. You have got to try this one to believe it. It has got some cinnamon, oakmoss, orange, Brazilian rosewood and some musk packed into it. Aptly named as Fierce, it’s a young men’s cologne designed to wake his wilder side up. It may not stay fully suitable when you reach your 30 marks. Ages apart, if you are confident enough to attract the college chicks, it is the right one to spray on.

Style: Sensual, Bold

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall.






12 Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De – L’homme

If you are desperately searching for a fragrance that attracts women and fix a date(all that happen automatically), then this is the only scent you will ever need. YSL La Nuit is not overwhelmingly sweet, but it is soft and sweet enough to grab the attention of women. It comes with a decent silage, excellent longevity and above the average projection. It is ideal for cooler seasons and good for all night outs throughout the year.
Style: Seductive

Season: Winter, Fall, Spring


13 Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male

Le Male is the first ever male fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier. It is a call to all bad boys! Heralded for its contrasting scents like sweet mint, warm vanilla notes, bittersweet grapefruit and sparkling pink pepper, it’s a great compliment to every man. Single spray of Le Male is more than enough to spark her interest. What is then? Let her enjoy the intense of vetiver and get her locked…. to the all night long. Being one of the top colognes for men, with both sweet and masculine, Le male has a touch of gay sensation too. Every gay person I knew own one bottle!

Style: Sensual

Seasons: Autumn, Winter and Summer Nights





14 Calvin Klein – Eternity

If you are someone, who is on a hunt of getting something classy that never goes out of style, Eternity from Calvin Klein makes a perfect pick. This brilliantly designed fragrance is made with a winning combination of sweet aroma & masculine scents. This light, the unusual scent will never fail to turn on a hot romance when you are with your woman. Above all, it was designed as a tribute to Calvin Klein’s marriage. It explains why, Eternity from CK stays at the head of best colognes for men list for more than 2 decades. If you are new to Ck creations, get this cologne, step out wearing this scent, you will know what I talk about.

Style: Romantic and cool

Seasons: Spring, Summer

15 Creed Aventus By Creed

Creed Aventus is unarguably a distinctive scent for men. As it perfectly blends the notes of Smokey pineapple and woods, when you go out wearing this cologne you are sure to fetch the compliments from everyone around. It was introduced in the year 2010.Since then it has been a favorite of many American Royal Families. This mature fragrance is recommended for all casual events.
Style: Causal, All Occasions

Seasons: Year Around







16 Chrome By Loris Azzaro Cologne

Chrome by Azzaro is one of the few fragrances that people often talk about in the forums. This little woody, citrus aromatic perfume is an ideal for both “suit & tie environment and date night”. It smells expensive, light and clean. As it’s not overpowering, you can wear it to your workplaces. However, when you walk into your office, you wouldn’t leave the scent behind. It’s a plus right?. It is yet another best cologne for young men as well.

Style: Casual, Work Places

Seasons: Year Around


17 Creed Green Irish Tweed

There are few things that only increase their charm & elegance in every new day. The best creed cologne, Creed Green Irish Tweed or GIT is just one of them. Though it was launched more than 2 decades ago, until today it is being a favorite of many men around the world. The list of that includes the celebrities like George Clooney, Clint Eastwood, Pierce Brosnan and the many. If you ever want to get a feel of walking in the countryside with the breeze flowing around, just splash one spray of GIT. It exudes a very versatile scent that is vibrant, energetic and inoffensive – makes it one of the best perfumes for men. It is recommended for both casual and formal occasions.

Style: Fresh, Classic

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall.




18 Giorgio Armani Code For Men

Start exposing your inner love and romance with the best Armani cologne for men, “Armani code” which combines a seductive blend of bergamot and fresh lemon. Its fragrance is incredibly sexy and masculine, and it works well on every contemporary man out there. Spraying little Armani code onto your skin is a perfect way to add that rich style before a rendezvous or a date.

Style: Modern & Sensual

Seasons: Fall, Winter





19 Ralph Lauren – ‘Polo Blue’

Ralph Lauran polo blue is undeniably one of the top colognes for men that garner a hell load of compliments whenever you wear it. Its scent is so fresh and crispy. If you are a kind of guy who loves to be little more outdoorsy and conjures the blue sea and hot sand now and then, Polo blue is something you should try. This scent is ideal for workplaces and casual occasions.

Style: Casual

Season: Summer




20 Dior Homme

It is a Woody Floral fragrance designed exclusively for men. Top notes of this Eau de perfume include lavender, bergamot, and sage. The heart is composed with iris, amber, and cacao. Its base notes include leather, vetiver, and patchouli. According to user reviews, this perfume is claimed mysterious and sexy. It is great for both day and night.

Style: Mysterious, Sensual

Seasons: Year Around






21 Terre d’Hermes – Pure Perfume

If you want something that make you feel like earth, water, the wind & the sun – Terre D Hermes EDP is the scent for you. This polarizing scent is simple yet sophisticated. Bold yet unpretentious. It is recommended for all occasions.

Style: Casual

Season: Autumn



22 Calvin Klein- Obsession

Obsession from Ck was launched in the year 1986. Its 3 decades now, but still, it is one of the most popular perfumes among the men even in 2015. The distinct scent that emerge from amber and lavender is sure to turn the heads of a woman in your room. This signature scent is 1987 FIFI award winner. Probably, Obsession has 20 more years to go. It is the reason why I kept it on the list of top perfumes for men. This best men perfume is perfect for a date night as well.

Style: Intense, Provocative

Seasons: Winter







23 Nautica Voyage By Nautica

When it comes to think of the best colognes for men, for most of us Nautica will not even be the last name that strikes in our mind. Even if it does, you would still be skeptical about going with a mid-tier brand that is widely renowned for its casual attire. Don’t be too suspicious to see voyage in the list. We have a couple of good reasons behind our recommendation.

No, 1. It is a must try premium fragrance from an unexpected source. So the chances are, you can smell unique.

No 2: It has good sillage and long lasting power (up to 10 hours).

Verdict: It’s more relaxing. Plus, this casual aquatic inspired fragrance suits every man who love to have a little fun with the sun now and then. Though it is not made of complex ingredients, it creates an appeal of taking traditional masculine persona. The impression it makes is clean and refined.

Style: Casual

Season: Spring, Summer.



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