Top 10 Arabian Perfumes & Fragrances

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Top 10 Arabian Perfumes Fragrances.






[1] RIIFFS   [2] RASASI   [3] AJMAL   [4] AFNAN


riiffs-perfumes    rasasi-perfumes     ajmal-perfumes     afnan-perfumes








lattafa-perfumes     nabeel-perfumes     al-haramain-perfumes     al-rehab-perfumes     






[9] ANFAR   [10] EMPER   [11] SWISS ARABIAN   [12] RIHANAH


anfar-perfumes     emper-perfumes     swiss-arabian-perfumes     rihanah-perfumes







neemah-perfumes     yas-perfumes     the-fragrance-kitchen-perfume     arabian-oud-perfumes     






hind-al-oud-perfumes     khaltat-perfumes     khalis-perfumes     ard-al-zaafaran-perfumes




[21] SAPIL   [22] NASAMAT   [23] EL NABIL   [24] MORESQUE


   sapil-perfumes     nasamat-perfumes     el-nabil-perfumes     moresque






ekoz-perfumes     roja-perfumes     vurv     










     Fans of unique, elegant fragrances will find our imported riffs parfums very prestigious, it's been evolved with expert noses formulating its precious scents which are global bestsellers. It is sensuality in a bottle. It elevates the everyday into the extraordinary. Our French parfums are distilled from the finest ingredients and has quality written all over it.









   Rasasi Perfumes Industry LLC is a family owned business in Dubai, founded in 1979 by visionary Abdul Razzak Kalsekar, who is also the company’s Chairman. Over almost four decades, the company has built a solid foundation of pioneering entrepreneurial vigor, creating some of the best and most exclusive fragrances, which have established a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury and elegance. Today, Rasasi ranks amongst the UAE’s foremost fragrance companies, driven by global vision. Rasasi’s Oriental and Occidental perfume lines have found wide acceptance and preference within a wide customer base across the world. His vision is now been carried forward by his six sons, each dedicated to carry forward a specialized  task, yet collectively  achieve  the core objective of brand growth. 







ajmal-perfumes   Ajmal prides in the knowledge acquired over the years to truly bear itself as a fragrances house. We create modern essences that entwine signature Ajmal accents. This enables us to appeal to the contemporary consumer at the same time retain our signature within the blends. Aromatic, fresh, earthy, invigorating; at Ajmal, we realize that well-crafted fragrances say a lot about you and the way you exude your self. Ajmal proudly presents a bouquet of the finest contemporary fragrances with mesmerizing scents that shine out from within and become a reflection of a person, a mirror image of sorts.









   Afnan Perfumes gives an exciting range of high quality fragrances with all the subtle magic of many of the world's most exclusive perfumes. Bridging the gap between the West and the Middle East with fusion of creative fragrances and concepts. Using the finest ingredients sourced from France all our fragrances are manufactured under AFNAN, comprising of oriental perfumes including concentrated perfume oils, perfume sprays and incense (bukhoor) and occidental perfumes with highest standards. Our success is guaranteed by creative, productive and competent team of specialists who are empowered with dedication and commitment. Our mission is to do more for our customers and to dedicate our passion to the pursuit of excellence.








   Lattafa, a premium company sense of style, essence and imminence, is the finest brand from Lattafa perfumes. Lattafa defines lifestyle and caters through its best in class perfumes which not only pampers, but helps men and women cherish their life every day. Through a relentless peruse to satisfy many air taste and fashion, we offer unforgettable creations through elegant perfumes for all…







nabeel-perfumes   Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar), the pioneering force and the founder, founded Nabeel in 1969. He nurtured Nabeel like his own child, leading the path through every dark tunnel towards success. He created a flourishing business through sheer hard work, perseverance, and die hard adherence to stringent quality standards, and all this full-throttle effort led to a treasure of quality perfumery that is relished by men and women alike. Standing by its etymological meaning “Noble” in arabic today, the brand “Nabeel” has evolved into a thriving corporation, thanks to the visionary leadership of its founder and the dedicated efforts of the “Team Nabeel!”






al-haramain-perfumes   Al Haramain Perfumes has been a front runner in the perfumery since 1970. We do what we love and so we always explore the changing trends with consistent catering the taste of our discerning patrons. Al Haramain has successfully struck a chord with growing number of perfume lovers all over the world. There is no substitute for quality ingredients. It’s our goal for all perfumes to be made from the highest quality ingredients that are ethically sourced. Our directors personally travel around the world to find and select the finest ingredients whether it comes from the depths of tropical Indian jungles or the desert plains of Salalah.








   Since we establishing Al Rehab in 1975, we have taken upon our shoulders the responsibility of providing high quality perfumes. We have looked at it from an expert point of view, with one eye, and from customer's point of view, with the other. Taking in consideration all tastes and favor of clients. Our Slogan has been Quality at affordable prices for all.









anfar-perfumes   Oudh Al Anfar an exclusive brand since 1950, strongly stands in the market as an expert in exploring the purity in fragrance from a splendid array of Oudh and Dehn Al Oudh and also launching awesome oriental and French line perfumes to suite the taste of all the valued customers. Oudh Al Anfar was established 60 years ago in (Assam) India by founder member Late Mr. Haji Anfar Ali along with his wife Mrs Samsun Nehar Anfar Ali. Both known as mentor in Agar wood and Dehn al Oudh.






[10] EMPER



   Emper perfumes is a young, dynamic company dedicated to creating an exquisite range of perfumes. our unique fragrance, innovative design and attractive packakging have been warmly received by an ever growing customer base around the world. In the last couple off years we have achived excellent sales figures  and now our products can be purchased through our network of agents worldwide. By investing heavily in research & development, we are able to persue new market trends and preferences. The expertise of our highy qualified team of perfumers and designers enables us to create aromatic works of art that are cherished by men and women across the globe. Above all we deeply value customer satisfaction and feedback.







swiss-arabian-perfumes   In the early seventies, the discovery of petroleum transformed the Gulf countries into booming economies. Foreseeing a prosperous future in the newly formed federation, United Arab Emirates, Hussein Adam Ali decided to establish the country's first perfume manufacturing company in collaboration with Swiss perfumery giant, Givaudan Roure, the latter providing technical expertise and know how to the new fledgling arabian perfume house. This alliance between an Arab pioneer and a European perfumery giant gave birth to Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group (SAPG).









        An enduring legacy, Rihanah unveils the master blending of oriental perfume notes with Oudh, Musk, Amber... making some luxurious fragrances for the modern generation. Rihanah's new exclusive collection of re-imagined fragrances is a global taste of the young discerning perfume connoisseurs. Come and unveil our new blend of age-old tradition with modern touch making our fragrances a mystique to own. 







[13] NE'EMAH


neemah-perfumes    Popular with the Emirati fashion set and stocked exclusively in global beauty powerhouse, Sephora, Mohammed Ne’emah's creations modernise elements of traditional Arabic fragrance. His bestseller, Layla, cleans up an oud base with sweet vanilla, powdery musk and dry cedarwood for an easy to wear evening scent that retains the smoky sensuality of its desert origins.








    This UAE based company is founded on the heritage of the earliest Emirati tribe, Bani Yas, from which both the Al Nahyan and Al Maktoum royal families descended. Its perfumes are a blend of Arabian and French fragrances. They include scents like red musk, agar wood, chili, cedar, and violet.








[15] The Fragrance Kitchen



    Founded by His Highness Sheikh Majed Al Sabah, nephew of the Emir of Kuwait, TFK combines Middle Eastern scents and Eastern laboratory expertise. H.H Al Sabah has worked with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford, the latter for whom he made a perfume included in the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. Apart from Asian Oudh, Saffron, Cedar wood, and musk, the Sheikh’s perfumes allegedly contain fresh French and Bulgarian roses.










    Established in 1982, with more than 3700 employees, 600 branches and more than 400 unique Oriental and Western luxurious fragrances, Arabian Oud is the largest fragrance manufacturer and retailer around the world specializing in incense, oriental perfumes and oil perfumes. Being the Scent of Luxury, Arabian Oud is a prominent and trusted name with over 30 years of expertise in the production of authentic scents. Winning first place in the Middle East, Africa and the 11th globally as classified by Euromonitor in 2013, and ranked as one of the strongest hundred brands in Saudi Arabia in 2013.











   Was established by businessman Mohamed Al Hilal. The brand uses distinctive elements in their perfumes such as patchouli, bergamot, cyclamen, and almond. It was granted the Best Traditional Niche Fragrances award by the Dubai Economic Department in 2004.













    A luxury niche fragrance house, Khaltat was founded by Emirati Mohamed Hilal, and aims to capture the sensation of falling in love. Dubbed “the blends of love”, his eaux des parfums take a more romantic approach to Arabian perfumery, combining prestige notes such as velvety Turkish rose and Indian sandalwood with the traditional Agarwood to create a softer, sweeter aromatic for his signature fragrance.












    Khalis Perfumes is the creation of the Chairman & Managing Director Abdul Khalique Barudgar. As a hugely successful owner of diversified businesses such as construction and manufacturing, Barudgar's companies have established a loyal customer base over the past two decades. The insatiable requirement for quality oriental fragrances in the Middle East and the world's fastest growing perfume market were two reasons for Khalis Perfumes to take birth. Barudgar holds a firm belief that best quality at a value for money price will always see success and so, Khalis perfumes was launched in UAE with the stars of Bollywood amid great fanfare.










    Ard al Zaafaran is estab lished to provide the best of French and Arabian perfumes, creating perfumes with an incomparable quality and our goal is to give best perfumes to the world.  Over the years of hard work we are proud to offer amazing collection of different scents comrise of Arabic style perfumes.








[21] SAPIL


sapil-perfumes    Sapil is one of the most estab lished manu facturer and marketer of perfumes. It caters to a diverse clientele globally through its branches, trade offices and authorized distributors across the globe. Sapil aims at providing its customers with quality fragrances and innovative packaging at the industry’s most competitive prices. Fragrances are imported from the leading manufacturers across the globe, such as Givaudan of Paris, and then skillfully blended by Sapil’s in house perfumers to create an out of the world experience for our customers. Sapil offers a range of mesmerizing occidental fragrances created for those who appreciate modern style, refined taste and an elegance which is anything but ephemeral.








    The leading luxury retailer in the region, unveiled an exotic line of perfumes. Nasamat in Arabic means ‘breeze.’ The debut collection is a set of six enchanting fragrances for men and women. The perfumes share the same philosophy, but the brilliant mix of eastern and western fragrances in each of them gives birth to an exceptional line of perfumes that leave a lasting impression on the wearer.











    When Arabic style meets French perfumery El Nabil has been established to provide the best of French and Arabic perfumery. According to some of the greatest French perfumers, with more then 30 years of experience in the luxury industry El Nabil is able to create perfume with an incomparable quality. Its a real meeting between Arabic and European culture. Our goal is to create the best offer for perfume in the world. El Nabil can supply a whole range of fragrance for women men and children. According to years of work with the best French perfumes, we are proud to offer 60 different amazing fragrance composed of Arabic and European style fragrance.








   A dimension of beauty, an enthusiasm for innovation. Behind the brand lies the idea of creating unique and timeless objects featuring remarkable details and harmonious lines. The soul of MORESQUE expresses itself through excellence and quality, which are synonymous with Italian style. From the concept to the creation of its artistic fragrance collections, MORESQUE successfully combines the best of Italian olfactory creativity with the ancient and prestigious tradition of artisanship.







[25] EKOZ


ekoz  The brand promoted by Afnan, we introduced our first EKOZ fragrance in 2010 as the contrast to over complicated, over powering designer scents flooding the market. We believed then, as we do now, that you wear your scent, it doesn't wear you. We sought to provide an everyday alternative, a smell that settles on your skin naturally, to be worn as comfortably as a favourite sweater, with a feel as refreshing as a bright spring day or a cool crisp fall morning. EKOZ is more than a beautiful smell it's an unwavering belief in happiness, smart simplicity, and a guarantee to always engage with authenticity. We evoke life's best moments and simplest pleasures in everything we make. It's more than just a fragrance we offer a fresh approach that is characteristically recognizable. Smell has the power to invoke memory, trigger emotion, and create connection. It is the oldest of all of our senses, and helped spark our evolution. Our extensive range of men and women's fragrances are grounded in scent profiles that are familiar, yet engaging. They are designed to be worn every day, EKOZ is more than our name. It's our promise.








   Roja Parfums redefines luxury and sophistication in perfumery for the modern age, Master Perfumer, Roja Dove, is renowned for using the finest quality materials available, from precious Rose de Mai to legendary Ambergris every Roja Parfums creation is made without compromise. Every element has Roja’s personal attention to detail. Every aspect is uncompromising and captures Roja’s central philosophy, “only the best will do”. The fragrances are so removed from the normality of 'here today, gone tomorrow’ scents, they are fragrances that discretely deliver quality, luxury, and sophistication; quite simply, they are The Finest Fragrances In The World. Like our fragrances we also use precious natural materials for the packaging. For the bottles, caps, plaques, and boxes, we use crystal, gold, precious metals, and silk. Considerable skill is required to make and hand finish each Roja Parfums flacon. Each bottle is manufactured in France and made of the purest, clearest glass used in the industry. The gold detail is screen-printed in England onto the glass by hand in a process that takes three days to complete. Each perfume cap, the symbol of Roja Parfums, requires fourteen Swarovski crystals each set by hand in a process that takes five days to finish.





[27] VURV


vurv  Verv, a premium cognizance of style, essence and eminence, is the finest brand from lattafa perfumes. Vurv defines lifestyle and caters through its best in class perfumes which not only pampers but helps men and women cherish their life every day, through a relentless pursuit to satisfy many a taste and fashion, we offer unforgettable creations through elegant perfumes for all. vurv which stands for passion and energy. promoted by lattafa perfumes and was conceptualized by Mr, Sheikh Shahid Ahmed way back in 1982.Vurv was launched in  2012 and also going global has further made us to bring in the finest occidental fragrance to cater to the niche and the urbane.







    Abdul Samad al Qurashi Company "Building Story" The perfume giant in the Middle East....."Abdul Samad al Qureshi masters of royal fragrance"Authenticity ... history ... and heritage ...With the help and guidance of God we began, and from the land of the old house we set out and from the borders of the homeland through us and to different parts of the earth we arrived, Inherited the experience of parents and grandparents adhering to the times in meeting the needs of different tastes. To increase the fragility of this spot blessed about 84 years ago, to record after and then the events according to the era of the pre Abdul Samad al Qurashi the pioneer of the manufacture of fragrance in the first Arab countries. While his peers became forgetful and touched after Ain, Abdul-Samad al-Qurashi, the eminent figure of perfume, grew up in Makkah, especially since his prophethood and passion were not confined to an area that was not left in history

   After more than a century and a half century, this profession is inherited by generations after the generations of the family of Abdul Samad al Qurashi, but that smell was shining from within the corridors of the family home from the land of the Grand Mosque, where history can stop a little to narrate that scented biography and the path of fragrant one of the most prominent innovators in the history of the Kingdom, which has known its way to Arigha to send from the coast of the Red Sea to the entire Arabian Gulf and leaked to the center of Asia and North Africa, to penetrate and settle in the capital of perfume and light Paris. 






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