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Women Top 22 Fragrances-Perfumes

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Top 22 Best Perfumes for Women For All Occasions


Regardless of the gender, everyone should own at least one signature perfume in their wardrobe at all the time. The reason is, perfumes and personality are inseparable and are deeply associated. You must have known this fact already, it’s the reason why you are here, reading the list best perfumes for women.

It’s true, the scent you carry, can spin a tale about your entire personality without requiring you utter a single word.So ask yourself, are you spraying the right one for the right occasion? Though it’s not like, you can’t wear the summer perfumes during the winter or evening perfumes during the day, going with a season and occasion will make more sense and create that pro look to your personality. Bingo!

As with everything else, we do have some exceptions too. There are perfumes that can be used without worrying about the occasions, still establishing your pro image.

To help you pick the best ones that fall under this category we,with the team of our expert noses, have come up with a list of 20+ best perfumes here. Take a look.

If you think this list do not contain your favorite one and you think it’s worth adding, do tell us by dropping your comments.

Top 20+ Best Perfumes For Women Suiting All Occasions

Perfumes listed in this category are great to wear in all occasions. You can wear these on evenings, work, weekends and even on the special occasions. So starting this list in reverse chronological order, at number 22 is…


No # 22: Pure Poison from Dior

In the world of fragrances, Pure Poison is popularly called “The Night Perfume”. This irresistible fragrance easily attracts the people smelling you. So never forget to wear this tempting fragrance on your evening parties. Dior has always known for launching exclusive range of perfumes with unique odor. However, Pure Poison truly stands out from the rest of the crowd..

•Top notes : bergamot & jasmine
•Heart notes : orange blossom, tangerine & Frangipani
•Base notes : sandalwood & amber



No #21: Shi from Alfred Sung

“Shi” is exclusively designed to suit the romantic events. Since it holds all the feminine factors, it never fails to make women go irresistible. I read few reviews where most women had this one thing to say in common – “It can make men fall for you”. This top perfume is getting extremely popular among women these days. If smelling different from the rest is something you are looking for, “Shi” makes a perfect pick.
•Top notes : fig leaves, lotus blossom
•Heart notes : orange blossom, tangerine & Frangipani
•Base notes : Musk and leaves of birch



No #20 : Contradiction from Ck

“Contradiction” is from the best trendsetter brand — “Calvin Klein”. If you happen to be an urban woman, this fragrance is sure going to suit you. It’s for women who is bold enough to carry new styles. Its composition opens with strong floral notes. So as long as this scent stays on you, nothing can stop people from complimenting you. It is ideal to wear for events like meetings, dates and parties. Its distinct scent makes sure that you never go unnoticed even if you are standing in a huge crowd.
•Top notes : peony ,lily of the valley, rose & jasmine
•Heart notes : orchid, pear blossom, eucaliptus and syringa
•Base notes : Tonka bean and sandal wood



No #19 : Acqua Di Gioia For Women

“Acqua di Gioia”, an aquatic perfume is more often admired for spreading the spirit of true happiness and optimism. It is inspired by the island of Pantelleria, which is also the place where Armani loves to spend his leisure time. For those who enjoy spending vacations in a beautiful Island, Aqua di gioia is worth a try.
•Top notes : limone primo and mint leaves
•Heart notes : aquatic note and jasmine
•Base notes : labdanum, ceder and brown sugar



No #18 : Chole Eau De Parfum

Chole’s Eau de parfum is for women who wish to bring their bright side up. Women who used chole often claimed it to be “addictive”. It’s true because just like all other chole’s free spirited perfumes, this comes with a feminine fragrance yet in a modern way. It is non-toxic, elegant & seductive, which is exactly what a woman looks for in a perfume.
•Top notes: lychee , pink peony and freesia
•Heart notes : rose lily of the valley and magnolia flower
•Base notes : ceder wood, honey and amber



No #17 : Fancy Love EDP By Jessica Simpson

The ever-romantic “Fancy Love EDP” is the second perfume from Jessica Simpson. This oriental floral scent is delicate, non-toxic and memorable. Holding a bottle of this fragrance is equal to having a big bouquet of thousand flowers. This intensely feminine perfume is a perfect blend of expertise and creativity.
•Top notes: Bergamot, goji leaves & peach blossom
•Heart notes: Plumeria, peony, lotus, jasmine, orange & turkish rose
•Base notes : Patchouli, musk & amber



No #16 : Armani Code For Women By Giorgio Armani

If you are on a hunt to find that one perfect floral perfume, which is comforting, yet captivating then “Armani code for women” is something you should consider. This spell binding perfume brings up the same elegance we usually see in Armani dresses. It offers fresh, seductive and feminine feel to anyone who wears it. This EDP is created with a perfect blend of orange blossom, honey and vanilla.
•Top notes : Orange Blossom
•Heart notes : Tunisian Orange
•Base notes : Vanilla & Honey



No #15 : Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

“Viva La Juicy” perfume is for trendy women who thrive for more couture. I personally love the way its packed. It has a bow tied on its neck (in bright pink), which symbolizes that its for women who carry a bold style. Once you smell it, you will know how sexy the fragrance is. Most women rated this perfume 9/10 for its longevity. Besides to the scent, in our list of best perfumes for women, this one is adored for its packaging as well.
•Top notes :  Mandarin & Wild Berries
•Heart notes: Jasmine, Honeysuckle & Gardenia
•Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Praline & Caramel



No #14 : Ed Hardy For Women

If you are looking for a fragrance that can make someone drool for you, then “Ed hardy for women” should be one of your top priorities. With the launch of Ed Hardy for women and Ed hardy for men, Christian Audiger has added one more fragrant pair in his Ed Hardy collection. This best women perfume comes in 2 different sizes 50 ml and 100 ml. As far as the reviews are concerned – it is great and long lasting.
•Top notes : wild strawberries ,tropical mango & red grapefruit
•Heart note : freesia
•Base notes : Rose & amber



No 13 : Viktor & Rolf – ‘FlowerBomb’ Eau de spray

Flowerbomb provides an opportunity to ‘escape reality and heal the world… It’s about transforming negative into positive.’ – Viktor & Rolf 

Aptly named, flower bomb is indeed an explosion of flowers. Put on this perfume and you will immediately feel the positive vibes floating around. People who wears this perfume claim that they are receiving the merits of complements from almost everyone who passes by. Try it on yourself and enjoy the shower of compliments.
•Top Notes : Osmanthus, Bergamo,Tea
•Heart Notes: Freesia, Rose, Jasmine, Orchid, African Orange Flower
•Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk



No #12 : Guess EDP For Women

This floral scent introduced by Guess comes with an attractive pink transparent bottle. Its sweet fragrance is great on teens. Besides to creating a delicious fragrance aura around, it offers a nice silage and longevity. Its great for daily wear. This sexy, mysterious and fashionable perfume keeps the wearer in spotlight all day long. And if you are wanting that – “center of attraction” – this is it!
•Top notes: tangerine, green apple & bergamot
•Heart notes: peony , peach , freesia & red berries
•Base notes: oak moss, valley, amber, musk & cedar



No #11: Obsession from CK

“Obsession” is from one of the most popular perfume brands — “Calvin Klein”. This best fragrance is ideal for any occasion. Even though it isn’t made of different scent mixtures, it is still simple and strong. It is great to wear on formal meetings, parties, birthdays and dinner dates.
•Top notes: mandarin orange, basil, lemon, green notes and bergamot
•Heart notes: Jasmine, sandalwood, oak moss, rose, coriander, cedar and orange
•Base notes: musk, vetiver, amber and incense



No #10 : Si Giorgio Armani By Giorgio Armani

“Si” is often said to be a tribute to modern femininity. It is an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit”. If I have to describe “Si” in a single word then it would be “Man-friendly”. If you are wearing it on your first date remember, half of your job is already done. You are sure to receive the complements from him .

This bright and elegant fragrance is specially designed for women who are bold yet feminine. SI EDP is a modern chypre, redesigned with airy floral, blackcurrant nectar and woody notes. According to women who wear SI daily, this delicate perfume lingers throughout the day and it is sweet, mysterious and warm.
•Top notes : Bergamot, Mandarin Oil
•Heart notes : Rose, Neroli Absolute & Egyptian Jasmine
•Base notes : Blond Woods, Vanilla Absolute ,Patchouli Oil, and Amber



No #9 : Chanel no 5

“Channel 5” is a timeless classic perfume. Ever since it was introduced in the year 1921, it has started to expand its customer base in an exponential phase. It has all the qualities to become any woman’s all-time favorite. You can  wear it confidently even on a hot-day trip. The most remarkable thing about Channel 5 is that it is an all-time favorite perfume of Marilyn Monroe too.
•Top notes : aldehydes, lemon, ylang-ylang, bergamot and neroli
•Heart notes : Rose, lily, iris, Jasmine
•Base notes : vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, and amber



No #8: Sofia For Women By Sofia Vergara

Hot selling “Sofia for women (EDP)” is Sofia’s first ever perfume launched in collaboration with Parlux. Fine blend of berries and floral makes this perfume more authentic. “Once the perfume is on, women wearing it will instantly feel glamorous”, which is the exact motto behind this exquisite perfume. You are sure to feel more charming and sensual after spraying it. Scent of Sofia for women is not overpowering. Regardless of seasons, you can wear it as your daily wear too.
•Top notes: Black berries, classic buds and plum nectar
•Heart notes: Orchid & Colombian roses
•Base notes: Vanilla, Earthy Woods and Sandalwood



No #7: Euphoria EDP for women from Ck

Ever since it has launched in the market (2005), the brand is been constantly adding more addictive flavors through various chemicals. Now, this is one of the major reasons for why this brand is popular even today. Its new addition of wood, lotus, black orchid and amber scents make women easily fall for it. So no wonder why this perfume has landed in our list of top perfumes for women.
•Top Notes: raspberry and tangerine juices
•Heart Notes: Tiger orchids, Jasmine and pink peony
•Base Notes: musk, patchouli and cashmere



No #6 : Eternity By Calvin Klein

Just like other Ck perfumes, first whiff of “Eternity” is certain to hit your nose. But surprisingly you will change your opinion from the very next time. As a tribute to Calvin klein’s marriage, this Eternity perfume was designed by Sophia Grojsman in the year 1988. Unique scent produced by eternity is beautiful, luxurious and alluring. With the blend of classic and contemporary, Calvin Klein perfumes stand in a timeless fashion. It is extremely potent. So, just a little of it would be adequate to spread a whole lot of fragrance around you until evening.



No #5 : Tory Burch Eau De Parfum

On a par with her all other perfumed beauty care products and make-up collections, Tory Burch’s very first perfume spray has also yielded a smashing success in the market. It’s an addictive blend of feminine floral with a hint of tomboy citrus. It’s no surprise, Everything that comes from the hands of Tory Burch have landed into the top spots in almost all the lists throughout the web. This perfume comes in a very beautiful glass design with an eye catching fretwork on top.

This youthful, feminine fragrance smells clean, classy and fresh. So if you feel proud to be a girly girl and thinking over whether or not giving your hands on this perfume, I would suggest you to give it a try.

It’s needless to say, having a spot on the best perfumes for women list, it can be worn in all seasons by all age groups.
• Top Notes : Grapefruit, mandarin ,currant buds & leaves, pink pepper and neroli
•Heart Notes : peony, jasmine and tuberose
•Base Notes : sandalwood, vetiver, white musk and ceder



No #4 : Burberry Brit For Women By Burberry

“Burberry” is more of floral, oriental and refreshing. Women who have used this perfume claimed that they feel as if there is heaven in this bottle. This perfume can be used in all occasions — either as a daily wear or evening wear.
•Top notes: peach, marigold & apricot
•Middle notes : cedar, black currant & sandalwood
•Base notes : Soft musk & jasmine vanilla



No #3 : Chanel Allure EDP Spray

It’s impossible to go wrong with Chanel. No, not even once. As with all other channel creations, this “Allure” EDP also exhibits its own sophistication. It’s clean and sheer, sexy and cozy all at once. It’s heavy but not so offensive. Although this delicious scent seems to break your wallet  a bit, taking a sniff on this spray would suffice to compromise your dilemma.

When it comes to the lasting power, you can smell this sickly sweet scent even into the next day. So no wonder why allure always secures the top most rating in all the reviews across the internet.



No #2: Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker

If you are looking for a good perfume yet on a budget, then check this out. It offers a tranquil and fresh feel. This sweet fragrance is enriched with scents of orchid, mandarin, lavender and bergamot. Upon wearing this perfume, you can’t resist yourself from falling into a feel of divine. “Lovely” is becoming one of the top most favorite perfumes of almost all the women in the world.



No #1: Best Perfume For Women – Can Can by Paris Hilton

“Can Can” from Paris Hilton tops my list of best perfumes for women. Since “Paris Hilton” is a renowned brand, I don’t think you need a detailed introduction. It falls under “floral fruity” scent family. This delicious fragrance is sensual yet playful. Projection and longevity are 2 significant things everyone adore about this eau de parfum. It is recommended either as a daily wear or as evening wear.
•Top notes: black currant, Clementine blossom & nectarines
•Heart notes: wild orchid & orange blossom
•Base notes: Woods, amber & soft musk


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