Top 10 Swiss Arabian Perfumes Of All Time Based On Popularity.

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Top 10 Swiss Arabian Perfumes Of All Time Based On Popularity.



     The allure of Arabian perfume was known throughout the world more than four thousand years ago, when the Silk Route established Arabia’s dominance in the fragrance trade. But it was not until 1974 that the first modern Arabian perfume company was born: Swiss Arabian. Established the region’s first perfume manufacturing company in partnership with Givaudan a France based Swiss company and the world’s largest and most respected manufacturer of exclusive fragrance ingredients.












[1] Swiss Arabian Edge Perfume For Women 100 ML EDP

     Swiss Arabian Edge Perfume For Men 100 ML EDT








[2] Swiss Arabian Casablanca Perfume For Men And Women 100 ML EDT








[3] Swiss Arabian Rakaan Concentrated Perfume For Men 50 ML EDP








[4] Swiss Arabian Imperial Perfume For Men 100 ML EDP








[5] Swiss Arabian Mutamayez Perfume For Men 100 ML EDP








[6] Swiss Arabian Al Basel Perfume For Men 100 ML EDP








[7] Swiss Arabian Essence De La Vie Perfume For Men 100 ML EDP








[8] Swiss Arabian Shagaf Oud Perfume For Men And Women 75 ML EDP








[9] Swiss Arabian Hamsa Perfume For Women 80 ML EDP








[10] Swiss Arabian Hayfa Concentrated Perfume For Men And Women 15 ML













swiss-arabian          swiss-arabian-attar-al-sheila-perfume-for-women-100-ml-edp





swiss-arabian-fadeitak-perfume-for-women-50-ml-edp          rakaan-men         swiss-arabian-nouf-concentrated-perfume-for-women-50-ml-edp





swiss-arabian-al-waseem-perfume-for-men-100-ml-edp          swiss-arabian-fadeitak-perfume-for-women-50-ml-edp








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